Feedback from clients

  • Elbert Hubbard wrote – “Art is the beautiful way of doing anything”. Frank Julie’s Leadership Seminar is ‘Art’ for that very reason. I found his content stimulating and intensely practical – a by-product of his own successful, ‘hands-on’ background. As a fellow Trainer, I applaud his easy, “nobody-gets-hurt”, fully participatory presentation. Visibly – Frank is driven by his love for people, which accounts for his passion to share his wealth of knowledge and empirical experience – a task he achieves for his happy participants with measurable effect. (Len Stevens – Author/Presenter – the “ãGRID Training Method”.)Thank you Frank Julie, you are a National Asset, a treasured and true friend, a community activist, a selfless and meaningful citizen, a son of our soil, with a heart of pure gold. I am so honoured to serve humanity, impact lives and build stronger communities as a fellow Trustee with you, Ricardo, Peter, James, Vuyiseka, Ronell and People First Foundation. People First, ‘coz people matter. Kindest regards,(Titania Fernandez, Senior Fundraising Manager, Community Chest)
  • Frank Julie shares his over 26 years of experience in the non-profit sector in this excellent work. Aimed at board members and senior staff, this book is invaluable as it is rare to have such a work written for South African civil society by a South African. Julie explains what leadership and management are and clearly defines the difference between the two. Covering everything from the roles and responsibilities of leaders to strategic fundraising and donor reporting, this book is highly recommended. (Jill Ritchie, Author of more than 25 books on non-profit fundraising)I know Frank for a very long time. He is a passionate person and is always helpful. He does things without asking what’s in it for him. That’s what I like most about him. Frank can be describe as a servant of the people. Why? Because that’s what he loves doing…delivering services…something other people just preach. I learnt from Frank, a long time ago that the RDP is in your heart…something I realise today is true. RDP is what he had in his heart all those years. Ironically those who invented the term RDP abolished it…hmmm…its now IDP…I think those people need Frank’s help. I knew Frank from his Resource Action Group (RAG) days…and he never lost touch with his roots, vision and mission in life. I’m very lucky to know him. Thanks for your mentorship, Frank. It’s always a pleasure bumping into you. If I can describe Frank in a few words I would say: “passionate, vibrant and above all, a true activist and agent for social change” Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to know you Frank. Those people who associate themselves with Frank can regard themselves as the luckiest people around.!!!! Touws River greetings! (Johny Swarts, ex-student, Touwsriver)
  • I wish to share with you how inspirational I found your workshop. You are certainly a very informed man, a subject matter expert, who demonstrates great compassion for others. I gained such a huge amount of insight and perspective… that I had struggled to find in the past two years. I experienced it as seemingly lacking in clarity, structure and synthesis as a whole. Suddenly here it all was in one book and on one course. How can I ever thank you enough! The piece I take away with me, which stuck out the most, was your insistence on the spiritual component of the work. This has been a primary inspiration to me for doing this work as I do believe we are part of the WHOLE, not separate in any way. Our work is a constant opportunity and challenge, to demonstrate this. You are demonstrating it all the time with your selfless sharing and constant giving. I value your generosity of spirit immensely and I feel inspired by your example of how to do this in a sector where money is a seemingly scarce resource and seen as a necessary evil as it were.
    (Karen Barensché Chairperson – South African Peace Alliance)
  • “Thank you again for an extremely well conducted and informational 3-day workshop. Aside from the factual information, what will remain with me is the personable way you presented the material, your obvious passion, your wonderful sense of humour and your generosity of spirit in making your experience and expertise available to us in such abundance. I was also particularly impressed by your sensitivity to approaching people holistically and how you often wove this into your presentations.” (Dr. John Gosling, Director, Namkelekile Abantwana)
  • “Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I learnt so much about running a NGO, but above all I remembered that life is actually about having fun and it is not all hard work and hardship. I have returned with new zest for life and many ideas to implement. Our organization can only grow and work more effectively.” (Danny Myburgh: Executive Director – The Art Therapy Centre)
  • “On behalf of ADHASA I would like to thank you for providing such brilliant information to us, and at a price which enabled us to send several delegates.  I wish I had met you many years earlier – it would have saved much wandering around in the dark on my part as I searched for answers.  All this information in one day … and presented so clearly that it suddenly all seemed so simple!! Once again, thank you for the valuable work you are doing as you make a real contribution to the people of South Africa.”
    Yours,Heather Picton, Executive Director (ADHASA)